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Preparing students to drive change in the world.

The tradition at Oregon Law is one of discovery and leadership. Whether you decide to launch a business, shape public policy, assist families, advise nonprofits, or litigate, our goal is to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to drive change and chart your own path to success - however you define it.

By choosing to join Oregon Law, you are choosing a law school on the rise nationally. In 2023 US News rankings of 192 law schools, the University of Oregon School of Law climbed to #67 from last year’s #72 rank, the highest in at least two decades. #1 ranked law school in Oregon and #2 ranked law school in Northwest. We have three nationally ranked specialty programs: #1 Legal Research and Writing; #7 Environmental Law; and #9 Appropriate Dispute Resolution. We also have the highest employment rate in Oregon. Your investment can take you a long way. 

Our interdisciplinary approach to research with leading faculty as well as our emphasis on career development and externships, allows our students to develop real-life, cutting edge solutions to the global problems of today. Our collegial community is the perfect place to help you find your voice and learn how to use that voice to advocate for justice, your client, and your cause. 

If you are ready to learn, lead and drive change, check out our offerings.

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Oregon law students are innovators, activists, and advocates for change, all working within the law to make society better.